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This is the home page of your Ujima powered website. The home page is usually the first page visitors see when they come to your website so you'll want to edit the content of this page to properly greet your visitors.

Getting started with editing the content of your site is very simple. If you are signed in to a user id with sufficient privileges you should see the "Edit Page Contents" link near the bottom center of this page.

When sending your content to the browser, the content retriever gathers output from multiple sources including:

  • Text you have entered in your data insertion blocks

  • Ouput built by the content builder for a particular page such as the Site Map page which is returned via the {TEMPLATE} substitution variable.

  • Requests via other substitution variables such as {IP_ADDRESS} which returns the visitor's IP Address, in this case

    {YYYY/MM/DD} returns 2022/08/18
    {DDD} returns Thu
    {DDDD} returns Thursday

    {LINK_CONTACT_US} produces Contact Us.

For a more complete list of Substitution Variables please visit Substitution Variables

To help get you started there are already links to several dozen predefined pages. Many of these pages are empty and ready for you to enter content.

You'll also find an abundance of Substitution Variables to assist in building your site's pages including Color Values, Date and Time Values, Page Construction Values

Visit the Ujima Getting Started Guide
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